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Working together

As a family business, we understand the importance of good working relationships, and how basic family principals can help drive performance. Our leadership team understand this too, working together to solve problems, generate solutions and invest in our people so that ultimately, we can build on the relationships that we have with our loyal customers.
Management Team
Henry Jones
Managing Director
Henry Jones

Henry is the Managing Director at Jonescoand has worked here for over 34 years.

Henry heads up the group, which includes Jonesco France and having 15 direct reports certainly keeps him on his toes. Many of his previous operational responsibilities have now been delegated to his son Ben, albeit begrudgingly, as he likes to keep close to the action.

In his spare time, Henry enjoys clocking up the miles on gruelling bike rides around the Lancashire coast and countryside. He also has a passion for sailing, especially around the Greek islands.

Andrew Jones
Joint Managing Director
Andrew Jones

Andrew is currently the joint managing director at Jonesco. He has been at Jonesco for over 38 years and a director for 30 years.

He has overseen the company’s long and successful product development programme. Into 2022, Andrew will move into semi-retirement but will remain a board member.

Andrew enjoys travelling, sailing, cycling, skiing and nature related activities together with his wife, Jane.

Ben Jones
Head of Operations
Ben Jones

Ben is our Head of Operations and has been within the family business for over 10 years. His role is responsible for improving operational efficiencies and also the development of new technologies and processes.

Ben has his hands full running around after his two young children, the next generation of the Jonesco family. When he has time, he loves to travel to Rome, his favourite destination to visit.

Andy Thornton
Engineering Manager
Andy Thornton

Andy has worked with Jonesco for over 20 years, serving as our Engineering Manager. He loves his job and considers himself lucky to be able to work alongside our amazing team of highly skilled engineers.

With no two days being the same, his role can encompass anything from repairing a broken office chair to installing new plant machinery and infrastructure.

When Andy is away from work, he enjoys cooking- he particularly enjoys making dishes which require a lot of preparation.

Gareth Bromley
R&D Manager
Gareth Bromley

Gareth is our R&D manager and started the company over a decade ago. Gareth has 20+ years of design experience and is still as passionate about design as he was when he stepped through Jonesco’s door as a junior designer many years ago.

Gareth has a fantastic design team that works alongside him consisting of designers, researchers, and engineers.

When Gareth isn’t designing, he’s planning his next adventures which normally involve mountain biking, climbing mountains and generally anything to do with the great outdoors. Luckily for Gareth his wife and two young children are also partial to adventuring too!

Gareth Jones
Head of Sales
Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones (of no relation to the Jones family!) joined the Jonesco team in 2002 and has been climbing the ranks ever since.

He loves his job as Head of Sales with oversight of sales activity in a whopping 60 countries. One of the things he enjoys most is the people with whom he says he is privileged to work alongside and with such a diverse and varied team – no two days are the same!

Like a true salesperson, Gareth loves talking (and can make conversation in French, German, Spanish and Italian) and travelling, with Italy being his favourite destination.

Lorraine Gore
Customer Services Manager
Lorraine Gore

Many of our customers will have had the pleasure of speaking to Lorraine, our lovely Customer Services Manager.

Lorraine is part of the furniture at Jonesco having been here for nearly 18 years and she counts looking after her customers as her second favourite part of her role – the first being working with her dedicated customer services team of course!

Lorraine is a keen hiker in her spare time, putting most of us to shame with her 9 mile 'gentle' walks on a Sunday afternoon with her puppy Dilys.

Teresa Bates
HR Manager
Teresa Bates

Teresa joined Jonesco in 2014 to set up the HR department. She brought with her a wealth of experience and knowledge, attained through over 30 years in HR with various global companies.

Teresa has introduced numerous employee benefits and organisational changes including recently achieving the ‘Investors in people’ standard. She says that her team are the backbone of the department’s achievements.

Teresa enjoys the autonomy her role brings, which enables positive change. She is so proud to work for Jonesco she recommended it to her son who also joined as a sales manager. Teresa loves cooking, cycling and spending time with her family.

Christophe Ghestem
Sales Manager France
Christophe Ghestem

Christophe joined Jonesco France in 2002 as Sales Manager North and since 2014 he has been the Sales Manager and Head of the Seclin branch.

He enjoys the diversity of tasks that come with his job. Maintaining team cohesion and ensuring commercial development are points that are close to his heart.

Christophe enjoys hiking and discovering new landscapes. He is also involved in accompanying his two sons in their sporting activities. Not forgetting the enjoyment of sharing moments with family and friends.

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