About Us

Our story began in 1967 on Adelaide Street near Preston city centre – it’s safe to say we’ve grown a bit since then.

Our roots

Having spotted a gap in the market Mr Jones founded Jonesco for the manufacture and sale of steel mudguards. By mid-to-late 70s we were in full ‘rock n roll’ mode with the introduction of plastic mudguards all thanks to the bespoke rotational moulding machines. As we delved deeper into rotational moulding we soon became experts, ultimately paving the way to today’s success and expansion into the fire, environmental and storage industries.


Safe in the hands of the Jones family we continue to grow and develop with pride, especially when we see Jonesco products in use across the globe. We are proud of our family ties, not only with the legacy of the Jones family, but also many other family connections working within the business. Our people are what make Jonesco and with a higher than average length of service we hope our employees are proud too.
The Smarter Choice
Founded in 1967

Jonesco was founded in 1967 by Mr Jones, we’ve been around for a while, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing.

Made in the UK

Our products are lovingly designed and manufactured in Preston, Lancashire.

Seclin, France

Since 1985 we’ve operated a European subsidiary in Seclin, France.

Quality Design

We have or own in-house research and design team who do everything from design to testing.

We're really proud of the work we do.


We’re in the business of long customer relationships. Not only do customers stick us as their preferred supplier, but our people like to stay with us too.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in making sure that every interaction with Jonesco is a positive one.

Our customer service team are always on hand to make your work easier.

Can we help you work smarter?

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