Global Reach

We export all over the world with distributors in every continent and loyal customers in over 60 countries.

Where in the world

Our global headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Preston, England. Since 1985 we’ve had a distribution subsidiary in Seclin, France and recently added a fulfilment warehouse in Germany.
Recognised Internationally
We love seeing our products around the world, please keep sending them in!
AwayWash - Norway
JBFR65 - Australia
UniKart - Mexico
HighGard - South Korea
JBZ700 in a Galaxy Far Far Away...
JBTE68 - Japan
JBWE70 - Palma
Worldwide Distribution

Jonesco products can be found in all four corners of the world and our well established distribution network means goods can get where they need to be, when they need to be.

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