Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Jonesco (Preston) Ltd. is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect or that you provide to us, and how we subsequently use that information. This policy also covers how you can control the collection, correction or deletion of personal data. Jonesco will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this policy, or as required to by law. The use of information collected though our sites shall be limited to the purposes under this policy and through our Terms & Conditions.


1.0 What information we collect and how we use it 1.1 Email Subscription 1.2 Contact forms and emails 1.3 Analytics 1.4 Server Logs 1.5 Cookies

2.0 Who is my data shared with? 2.1 MailChimp 2.2 Google Analytics

3.0 How long is my data stored?

4.0 How do I withdraw my consent?

5.0 How do I request that my personal data is corrected or erased?

6.0 How do I request a record of my collected personal data?

7.0 Data Breaches

8.0 Who can I contact?

9.0 Changes to this Privacy Policy

1.0 What information we collect and how we use it

1.1 Email Subscription
To subscribe to our email mailings, you may choose to provide Jonesco some relevant information. The personal information you may include will be your email address, first name, last name, country, company affiliation and product interests you would like to hear about from us. We only require a first name for email personalisation, an email address to send it to, and a country so we don’t send you irrelevant information for your part of the world.
We use this information in co-operation with MailChimp, as a 3rd party data processor, to provide us with email marketing services. Information you submit will be maintained within MailChimp’s own database.
Once subscribed you will receive periodic emails that correspond to your email interests when you signed-up to the service.
When you subscribe to our email mailings MailChimp automatically notes your IP address as a record of consent. An email data source may be recorded if we have added your email from another consent source that we need to maintain for our own records.
Alternatively, for existing customers we may occasionally send you marketing information where we have assessed that it is beneficial to you and in our interests to contact. Such information will be non-intrusive and is processed on the grounds of legitimate interest. In addition to the above collected information we may utilise prior purchasing preferences to only send you relevant information. Where used, we evaluate legitimate interest with a thorough legitimate interest assessment (LIA).

1.2 Contact forms and emails
If you choose to correspond to us via email, either directly or through our contact-us web-form, no data is stored on our website or shared to our 3rd parties (section 2.0). We only retain emails on our systems for as long as required in our retention policy.
Should you check the box to consent (opt-in) for selected product news and developments we shall add your email to our MailChimp email platform on your behalf to provide you with that service.
If your contact involves confidential or private information we advise you to send encrypted files with the access password(s) sent separately through alternate means of communication.

1.3 Analytics
Like most websites, Jonesco’s sites uses Google Analytics(GA) to track user interaction. This allows us to determine the number of visitors using our site, how they came across our site, and what pages they view whilst on our website.
We opt to use anonymised IP addresses, where the last two octets are zeros, for a higher level of visitor privacy in our analytics. This still does allow us to roughly geolocate our website user traffic, so we can view visitors by country for instance. There is also basic information collected such as browser type, device information and language which is aggregated into statistics. We use this information to evaluate and improve the services we offer. Google has developed an addon for use to opt-out of GA data collection.
For related information please see the ‘cookies’ section (1.5) within this document.

1.4 Server Logs
When you view our content provided by Jonesco, we automatically collect and store information in server logs. These logs can include your web request, IP address, browser type, operating system, user-agent-string, web referrer.
The sole purpose of this information being collected is for network and information security. This is a legitimate interest to permit the lawful processing of such data (GDPR Recital 49).

1.5 Cookies
Jonesco and our trusted partners use this technology to collect and store information which often includes an anonymous unique identifier.
Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of data which are downloaded to your computer upon visiting a website. Your web browser sends these cookies back on subsequent visits which allows us to recognise your computer and improve your experience on our website. For more information on cookies visit
Google analytics makes use of cookies for website analytics, further information can be found in their cookie usage section of the developer guide. Jonesco utilises the analytics.js implementation of google analytics which can be checked in the source of our website pages. Should you wish to use it, Google have developed an opt-out browser add-on which indicates that your website visit should no be sent to Google Analytics.
MailChimp also makes use of cookies both within our email campaigns to subscribers and to aid the functionality of subscription forms and pop-up forms. Within our email campaigns MailChimp uses ‘web-beacons’ which track email opening rate and what links are clicked on. MailChimp reports on this data so we can continuously improve our user interaction. More information can be found within MailChimp’s own cookie policy.
If you would prefer not to store cookies on your machine you can alter your browser controls to reject cookies. You may also want to enable ‘Do Not Track’ (DNT) within your browser settings, although websites are not currently obligated to respond to DNT, it can reduce tracking where respected. More information can be found at All About Do Not Track.
It should be noted that some usability of our website may be unavailable or behave unexpectedly for you if cookies are entirely rejected.

2.0 Who is my data shared with?

We use some 3rd party to process personal data on our behalf, to allow a service for Jonesco. We choose companies that we work with carefully and assess the data risks involved.

2.1 MailChimp
If you have subscribed for email marketing from Jonesco we will share the information you provide with Email service provider “MailChimp”. MailChimp is a newsletter distribution platform of the US service provider Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA. Email addresses and any additional information provided at point of subscription or modification thereafter from our recipients is held on MailChimp servers within the USA.
This information is used for distribution purposes of our email mailings on our behalf. We have assessed the data security with MailChimp and deemed it an acceptable risk. MailChimp is certified under the US-EU data protection agreement “Privacy Shield” and has obligated to be GDPR compliant by or before the 25th of May 2018. To further this Jonesco has a >Data-Processing Agreement(link)< with MailChimp, further information on can be found here.

2.2 Google Analytics
As per the terms which we are bound by google for the use of google analytics we will not use the service to track, collect or upload any personally identifiable data of an individual.
IP addresses are collected but anonymised (last octet changed to zeros) before any processing or storage is taken place by google and are not ever made available to Jonesco.
In addition to MailChimp we have a >data processing agreement(link)< with Google Analytics, and similarly they are also EU-US Privacy Shield Compliant.

3.0 How long is my data stored?
4.0 How do I withdraw my consent?
5.0 How do I request that my personal data is corrected or erased?

If your request is in relation to MailChimp email marketing, you may click on the modify preferences link in every email we send. This allows you to change information we store against your email address as well as modify your interests to determine which emails you receive. Alongside the modify preferences link is the unsubscribe link which allows you to opt-out of any further marketing email communication from Jonesco. If you would like a more information or have any requests, please email

6.0 How do I request a record of my collected personal data?

Information on what data we hold about you is within section 1.1. Most of this information is available for you to modify as mentioned in section 5.0. If you would like to enquire about your right to access information we hold regarding yourself, please email

7.0 Data Breaches

As legally required Jonesco is to report any unlawful breaches of our data systems to the relevant supervisory authorities within 72hours of becoming aware. Affected individuals shall also be informed without undue delay where there is a high risk of adversely affecting individuals’ rights and freedoms.
These processes are governed by our company data breach policy.

8.0 Who can I contact?

Please email us at with any concerns, requests or comments raised from this policy.

Jonesco acts as the data controller for this website and its related email services. We are registered at:
Jonesco (Preston) Limited
Pittman Way
United Kingdom

Jonesco (Preston) Ltd. is a registered company in England and Wales under company number 901751. We are also registered with the ICO; registration number Z6165215.
If you wish to contact the data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office, please visit this site:

9.0 Changes to this Privacy Policy

In order to comply with future legislation, industry practices and processes, constant iteration of this policy is required. We will not explicitly contact individuals relevant of this policy upon every iteration, but instead advise you occasionally check for any policy changes that affect yourself.

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