Rotational moulding – Powered by Solar

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For any manufacturer, introducing new processes which promote environmental wellness can be a challenge, but we at Jonesco love a challenge and have set out to do just that. This year we launched our Powered by Solar programme, with the dual aim of reducing our reliance on externally produced electricity and lowering our CO2 output.

**What we’ve done **

To help us in achieving this aim, we’ve installed over 1,200 solar power modules to our production facility in Lancashire. These will generate around 350,000 kilowatt hours of energy each year, which is enough electricity to power over 32,000 UK homes, or half of all households in our home city of Preston, for one whole day.

This power generation will also represent a massive reduction in our CO2 output, we’ve done the maths and calculated that our carbon contribution will reduce by a staggering 82 tonnes (which is 82,922.5 kg to be precise).

Rob Mayor, who heads our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment team and who has overseen the installation of the new panels said “we’re delighted that after months of planning we’re finally able to realise the benefits of this new, clean power source. We’ve been looking to get solar panels installed for some time now so it’s great that things are working as intended, but of course we’re always looking to take things further… Most recently we’ve been looking at our packaging and we’re currently in the process of the biggest removal of single use plastic bags in our company’s history”.

**Sharing the love **

We switched on our exiting new solar panel system on the 15th July, and we’re delighted to report that it’s generating power exactly how we intended. But we’re not stopping there, we also plan to help our neighbours out too… Soon enough, any surplus or unused electricity will be fed straight back into the grid, helping supply the homes and local businesses around us with a cleaner, greener source of energy.

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